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Mendon Township Library

Friends of the Mendon Township Library

About the Friends

The Friends of the Mendon Township Library is a volunteer organization dedicated to the enhancement of our library.  We see our library as the cornerstone of our community and a vital resource center for patrons of all ages.  The Friends generate awareness for programs and services, raise funds, and support the needs of our library that are not met due to the town's limited budget.  

The Friends are a vital source of support and income to provide invaluable programs, services, and equipment to our library.  Through book sales, flower sales, and various other fundraisers, the Friends are able to support the library in many ways.  

In recent years, the Friends have provided:

  • new computer systems for library personnel and patrons
  • books, DVDs and other materials
  • funding for children's programming activities
  • library furnishings, including clocks, pictures, and frames
  • and much, much more
If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Library, please contact the Library at 496-4865.

Items Available for Purchase

  • Mendon "Before the Fire" booklets
  • Friends of the Mendon Carnegie Library Canvas Book Bags
  • Laminated Placemats, featuring the Library, the original Mendon High School built in 1906, or an 1880s map of Mendon
  • Christmas Cards
  • Note Cards
  • Tree Ornaments

2014 Friends of the Mendon Township Carnegie Library

Shirley McGlothlen, President
Dagne Horning, Treasurer
Kimberly Foghino, Secretary
Barb Critz
Amber Edson
Elizabeth Edson
Marsha Michal Harrison
Phyllis Jungjohan
Pamela Kettwich
Joanne McDonald
Peggy Snow
Doreen Tobin