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Mendon Township Library

About Us

The Mendon Township Library is located at 314 West Main Street in Mendon, a small rural village in St. Joseph County in southwestern Michigan.

Mission Statement

The Mendon Township Library is dedicated to providing and making readily available library services necessary to meet the educational, informational, recreational and cultural needs of the community and to developing and promoting the library as a resource capable of meeting the challenges of today and the future.

Current Staff

Kimberly Foghino, Director
Nancy Hagenbuch


The library board serves as the governing board for the library and is composed of dedicated individuals. Kathy Haas is a special board member, who has served on the library board for over twenty years. Kathy has added her touch of excellence to many of the updating projects in and around the library. Kathy has donated countless hours for our township library. As a board member, Kathy has acted as president and vice president. Kathy has decided to explore other interests and will be leaving the library board in November. THANK YOU, KATHY for all the hours you have invested in our library. You will be missed.

History of the Library

In April 1889 a meeting was held in R.E. Fletcher's office to develop a Township Library Association.  A letter was sent to the Ladies Library Society asking them to donate their collection of books.  Mrs. Nettie Bennet (a member of the group) became the first township librarian.  The books were moved from her home to the second floor of the Hickmott and Dukette Store which had been built the previous year.  The rent was $50 per year and the librarian was paid one dollar per week.  The library was open to the public Saturday mornings and afternoons.  After the Hickmott and Dukette Company began using their upstairs rooms for their ready-to-wear and china department, the library rooms were located at various places on the north and south side of Main Street. The Ladies Library Society continued to contribute books to the township library.

In 1905, H.L. McClellan wrote to the secretary of the Carnegie Library Fund in New York to see if the Mendon Township could secure funds from the foundation for the erection of a building.  In reply, they were informed that if a suitable site was selected by the township, $10,000 would be given by the Foundation.  The Township Board met with the Library Board and it was unanimously agreed to accept the Carnegie gift.  A committee was appointed to select a site which was decided to be at the corner of Burr Oak and West Main Streets and the purchase was made for $3,000.

Today, the Library remains in the original Carnegie building with beautiful woodwork throughout.  The Library has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior.